White flour
Refined white flour contains only the ground endosperm of the wheat kernel. It is also popular as it produces lighter baked goods. The fineness of white flour makes it ideal for more delicate bakes.
Bread Flour
Bread flour is made entirely from hard wheat varieties which contain high protein flour and more gluten than other types of flour which gives it its elasticity and enables the dough to rise with good structure.
Cake Flour
Cake Flour is usually derived from soft wheat and its finely milled white flour. It contains low protein between 8% to 10% which makes suitable for soft-textured cakes, biscuits and cookies.
Semolina is the coarsely ground endosperm of durum wheat; pasta flour is ground to a fineness which makes it perfect for making pasta. It gives the dough a firm yet silky texture
Whole flour
Is produced from the full wheat kernel and all the parts are employed in the content of flour including bran, germ and the endosperm. It retains its natural nutrients and making it higher in fibre, Whole- wheat flour is used for all types of baked goods.