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About Us

We are a family business with 40 + year experiences in the flour milling industry. 
Our Story is one of hardworking. Of pushing boundaries. Of ensuring that conformity is no longer the norm. We have been pioneered. We have been the leaders of the workplace revolution. Manufacturer has a potential capacity of producing up to 600 Ton per day of different types of flour.
Recently, Factory Established a high technology Silo storage in which first - Helps wheat retain in the high-quality condition throughout all year, second - Substantially increased the capacity of storing Wheat and different types of Physical commodities up to 200,000 Ton.
We believe why we do what we truly do. Curiosity, decisiveness and entrepreneurial spirit drive us to dig deeper and make difference. We arc inspired by individuals and unknowns to make well-support decisions and act conviction. 
• Highly Standards of integrity is our drive 
• We are agile thinkers, who excel by looking past the headlines and challenging the status quo. Together, this allows us to be more productive and anticipate radically not only to our industry but to our planet's needs. 
Building a sustainable highly productive and deeply integrated to nourish and serve our world to be a better place. 
Improve the flour milling industry by producing high standard quality products, expand our global leadership to nourish and serve our nations And our story doesn't end here